BioMechanical Digital Radiography

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PostureWorks is proud to offer the San Francisco community its first and only digital radiography center specializing in taking biomechanical and Corrective Potential X-Rays.

BioMechanical Digital Radiographic procedures were developed to visualize exactly how an individual’s body is collapsing under gravity’s relentless downward pull. Biomechanical radiographs are always taken in a “perceived neutral” weight-bearing position… with the patient’s typical standing posture un-manipulated.

BioMechanical radiographs allow practitioners to:

  • Compare the structural integrity of an individual patients musculoskeletal system against scientifically determined normals
  • Identify the exact area(s) where the patient’s structure is weakest
  • Identify the exact area(s) where internal stress and strain are greatest
  • Cross reference individual case presentations against similar cases, their recorded treatment procedures, and care outcomes
  • Prescribe and implement corrective care plans that have been researched and validated as being appropriate and effective in similar cases

All other imaging centers in San Francisco specialize in standard medical radiographs, which are only useful in the diagnosis of fractures, tumors, dislocations, or infections (relatively rare problems). Medical radiographs are not intended for diagnosing biomechanical problems, though they are often misused for this purpose, frequently resulting in misdiagnosis and ineffective or destructive treatment.

This endemic problem is due to medical radiography procedures for patient positioning including manipulating the patient’s posture and often taking the images in a recumbent position (with the patient laying down). These altered postures and/or recumbent positions make the radiographs extremely inaccurate for the purposes of diagnosing musculoskeletal problems beyond fractures and dislocations.

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