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 A man sitting on a couch with his laptop reaches back and grabs his neck after suffering from pain for which he should consider seeking a chiropractor.

We’ve all heard of something being a pain in the neck. But what happens when you’re experiencing literal pain in your neck? Whether it’s mild discomfort or severe, chronic pain, neck pain can significantly affect your quality of life.

Neck pain is also pervasive and one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders, affecting at least half of the population at some point in their lives. Fortunately, chiropractors provide effective and lasting solutions for neck pain, alleviating discomfort and preventing recurrence. If you’re experiencing it, you should consider a trip to the chiropractor for neck pain.

Why Seek a Chiropractor for Neck Pain?

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who are musculoskeletal experts. They are uniquely qualified and equipped to manage conditions that affect complex body systems, such as the neck—which has various muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons under constant stress. That’s why you should consider seeking a chiropractor for neck pain.

Key Takeaway
Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts who use a variety of holistic treatment options to not only give patients immediate relief from neck pain but prevent it from occurring again.

What distinguishes chiropractors from many other healthcare providers is their emphasis on holistic well-being and harnessing the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Chiropractic care provides relief from neck pain and enhances the body’s natural functions to prevent its recurrence.

Relief and prevention are accomplished through various specific treatments typically utilized as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan designed to address the patient’s needs. Some of these treatments include:

  • Spinal adjustments: Chiropractors employ manual adjustments using their hands or specialized instruments to manipulate the spine. This technique effectively relieves tension, diminishes nerve irritation, and enhances joint mobility. These adjustments directly tackle the root causes of neck pain and promote overall spinal well-being, reducing the likelihood of future posture- or misalignment-related issues.
  • Muscle therapy: Chiropractors use muscle therapy techniques such as soft tissue massages and myofascial release to relax tense muscles in the neck and restore muscle balance and strength to relieve pain and prevent future pain.
  • Postural correction: Poor posture is a common cause or contributing factor to neck pain. Chiropractors focus on identifying and correcting poor posture that may be causing or exacerbating neck pain and improving the neck’s overall health to prevent it from returning. 
  • Exercises and stretches: Through exercises and stretches designed to improve neck mobility, strength, and muscle balance, chiropractors can improve neck health—protecting it from future injury.
  • Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP): CBP is a specialized, evidence-based approach to chiropractic care focusing primarily on postural correction and spinal realignment. Through spinal adjustments, traction, and exercises to address specific structural concerns unique to the individual, CBP relieves pain and brings the spine to its ideal curvature, preventing future pain and discomfort. Studies have shown CBP’s efficacy in relieving and preventing neck pain.
Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain
Source of Pain Cause Chiropractic Treatments
Muscle Strain
  • Often caused by poor posture, overuse, and stress
  • May result in muscle knots, stiffness, or pain
  • Spinal adjustments to restore proper alignment and alleviate stress on the muscles in the neck
  • Muscle therapy to release muscle tension
  • Exercises and stretches to strengthen and relax muscles
  • Postural correction
Herniated Disc
  • Caused by disc degeneration or sudden trauma
  • May compress nearby nerves, causing pain
  • Muscle spasms can worsen symptoms 
  • Spinal adjustments
  • Muscle therapy to relieve pain and reduce inflammation
  • Postural correction to improve disc health and support recovery
  • CBP to address postural issues that may be causing issues with weight distribution or placing excess stress on the discs
  • Joint inflammation and cartilage wear and tear
  • Results in stiffness, pain, and limited mobility
  • Muscles may tighten in response to pain
  • Spinal adjustments to reduce inflammation and enhance joint mobility 
  • Muscle therapy to reduce tension and improve circulation
  • Exercises to strengthen and maintain range of motion
  • Postural correction to promote healthy joint mechanics 
  • CBP for structural realignment
  • Often due to car accidents or sudden impacts
  • Results in rapid, forceful movement of the neck
  • Soft tissue damage, muscle strains, and ligament sprains commonly occur 
  • Spinal adjustments to realign vertebrae and restore normal motion
  • Muscle therapy to address soft tissue damage and reduce inflammation
  • Exercises and stretches to regain strength and mobility
  • Postural correction to prevent long-term issues from developing as a result of whiplash damage
  • CBP for comprehensive injury management and structural healing 
Poor Posture
  • Prolonged sitting, slouching, or improper ergonomics
  • Results in muscle imbalances that lead to excess stress being placed on individual components in the neck
  • Can lead to chronic neck and back pain
  • Spinal adjustments to address misalignments caused by poor posture 
  • Muscle therapy to release tension and restore balance
  • Postural correction to restore proper spinal alignment and prevent neck pain from recurring
  • CBP for long-term postural correction

The Neck and Its Role in the Body

Neck pain can significantly disrupt your daily life due to the vital role the neck plays in various activities and bodily functions. Composed of a complex network of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, the neck affords a remarkable range of motion. Even a seemingly simple action like turning your head to the left involves the intricate coordination of hundreds of these components.

The neck’s significance extends to multiple movements, including:

  • Providing essential support and mobility
  • Maintaining balance
  • Distributing weight to the lower extremities
  • Safeguarding a portion of the spinal cord
  • Contributing to respiration and swallowing
  • Housing endocrine glands
  • Playing a crucial role in expression and communication

Experiencing neck pain can negatively impact any or all of these functions. That’s why maintaining proper posture is crucial for overall health. The spine, including the neck, undergoes natural strain and stress, and it relies on its natural curvature to function without an increased risk of injury or discomfort.

To ensure long-term relief from neck pain, addressing the root causes, such as postural issues, is imperative. Comprehensive treatment plans like CBP offer the most effective solutions for managing and alleviating neck pain.

PostureWorks Is the Best Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Looking for a chiropractor for neck pain? Look no further. Here at PostureWorks, we understand how much of a downer neck pain can be. That’s why we utilize the most advanced options like Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) to craft the most effective treatments for neck pain.

CBP goes beyond conventional treatments, prioritizing a tailored approach to address your specific requirements. Our process commences with a thorough health assessment, providing a comprehensive view of your spinal well-being. This invaluable data is the foundation for crafting a personalized treatment regimen, incorporating spinal adjustments, posture-enhancing exercises, muscle therapy, and neuromuscular re-education. Our objective is not just to alleviate neck discomfort but to eradicate its underlying cause, ensuring it doesn’t resurface and disrupt your life. That’s what makes us the best chiropractor for neck pain in Lakewood, CO and San Francisco, CA.

Contact us today for more information on receiving care from a chiropractor for neck pain or to schedule your appointment with PostureWorks in Lakewood or San Francisco.

Chiropractic BioPhysics®, or CBP, is a deeply researched and results-oriented corrective care technique. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health and optimal function. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is conservative, painless, and non-invasive as with all chiropractic care.

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