Digital X-Rays in San Francisco, CA

PostureWorks is proud to offer the San Francisco area its first and only digital radiography center specializing in taking biomechanical and corrective potential x-rays.

Diagnosing the origins of joint and spinal pain can be a difficult and complex process, and often, many people end up misdiagnosed due to the inaccurate use of diagnostic equipment. Patient outcomes and improvements are only as good as the analysis applied to the problem.

At PostureWorks, we use biomechanical digital x-rays to corroborate diagnosis and implement care procedures to reach maximum medical improvement. These radiographic procedures were developed to visualize exactly how an individual’s body is collapsing under gravity’s relentless downward pull.

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An example of pre- and post-lat cervical digital x-rays in San Francisco, CA.

What is Biomechanical Digital Radiography?

Biomechanical digital radiography is a technique used to take x-rays of a patient’s body in its perceived “neutral” state without outside influence. These x-rays are also used to understand the health of a patient’s spinal biomechanics. Since these normal movement patterns (biomechanics) are well-studied, using digital radiography allows our doctors to truly understand if you have abnormal or harmful biomechanics. This technique is more efficient than normal x-ray positioning and analysis at diagnosing problems in the spine.

Many other imaging centers utilize standard medical radiographs, which are useful in the diagnosis of fractures, tumors, dislocations, or infections (relatively rare problems). However, standard medical radiography rarely takes into account position technique. Being incorrectly positioned, even by just an inch, can make you appear twisted where you are straight, or you may be diagnosed with short leg where none exists. The key to great diagnostic radiology is to minimize x-ray distortion and then base a treatment plan on accurate findings.

To gain a truly accurate picture of a patient’s spinal health, it’s important to utilize biomechanical radiographs, as they can help identify:

  • Musculoskeletal structural integrity.
  • Inflexibility in a patient’s spine.
  • Weak points in a patient’s spine.
  • How to fix the root cause of the problem

PostureWorks offers biomechanical digital x-rays in San Francisco that are accurate and effective for diagnosing existing spinal and postural conditions.

Biomechanical digital x-ray showing a patient’s spine.

For Biomechanical Digital X-Rays in San Francisco, Visit PostureWorks

PostureWorks specializes in biomechanics and corrective potential digital radiography. Our medical professionals use this innovative technology to:

  • Design custom corrective care plans.
  • Correct spinal misalignments and posture.
  • Validate care outcomes with pre- and post-measurements to ensure long-term results for each patient.

Combined with an assessment of your personal health goals, our biomechanical analysis helps us create a customized treatment plan so that we can get you back on the road to health and relief! If you’re ready to enhance your life, request a free consultation today!

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  • Have More Confidence
  • Have Stronger Workouts
  • Get Rid of Pain
  • Stop Getting Injured
  • Avoid the “Aging” Process
  • Look Good & Stand Taller
  • Have Great Posture
  • Stop Stressing About Your Back
  • Get Logical Answers to Your Questions
  • And More…
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