Chiropractor and Sports Medicine Treatments 

A golfer grabs his back in pain after suffering a sports injury.

Athletes understand the importance of sports medicine for their well-being and performance. Ongoing physical demands make health maintenance challenging. Advanced chiropractors can address pain, enhance body mechanics, and improve athletic performance, offering a synergistic approach with sports medicine for better care.

In this article, we’ll outline the enhanced care that an advanced chiropractor brings to sports medicine. 

Chiropractor and Sports Medicine: A Match Made in Heaven

Chiropractors and sports medicine are excellent partners in helping treat and prevent sports injuries.

Sports medicine encompasses the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. Various professionals, including physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors, specialize in this field. Chiropractors use sports medicine principles for athlete-focused care. Sports medicine doctors typically focus on diagnosis and testing, while other professionals administer care. 

General chiropractors typically don’t incorporate sports medicine, but advanced chiropractors use it to enhance their approach for athletes, employing various treatments as part of a sports medicine strategy.

Chiropractor Sports Medicine Treatments
Injury Assessment & Diagnosis Like sports medicine doctors, advanced chiropractors provide comprehensive injury assessment and diagnoses to identify musculoskeletal issues. 
Spinal Analysis At the core of injuries for athletes is spinal alignment. Advanced chiropractors target their approach by identifying abnormalities with advanced imaging technology.
Joint Mobilization  Advanced chiropractors employ gentle movements to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility in the affected joints. 
Massage Therapy Using techniques such as myofascial release and deep tissue massages, advanced chiropractors alleviate muscle tension, pain, and muscle spasms. 
Biomechanical Analysis By assessing an athlete’s movement and body mechanics, advanced chiropractors identify areas of concern.
Postural Correction By restoring the spine’s natural curvature and repairing posture, advanced chiropractors improve the body’s innate healing ability and reduce the likelihood of future injuries. 
Performance Enhancement Advanced chiropractors focus on restoring spinal alignment, proper posture, and improving bodily mechanics to not only improve health but also increase athletic performance.
Rehabilitation Programs Advanced chiropractors designed custom rehabilitation programs–complete with physiotherapy–to aid athletes in injury recovery, improve bodily health, and enhance their overall fitness.
Collaboration with Other Healthcare Approaches Advanced chiropractors maximize their effectiveness by integrating sports medicine treatments into their care strategies. 

Note that sports medicine and advanced approaches to chiropractic care are typically not available from general chiropractors. Advanced chiropractors offer much more than a simple chiropractic adjustment. 

At PostureWorks, we use state-of-the-art technology—such as Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP)—to design sophisticated treatment plans that ensure lasting results. Our proactive approach to chiropractic care is designed to correct structural abnormalities that compromise the spine’s ability during athletic performance and daily tasks. 

The Spine’s Role in the Athlete’s Body

The spine is similar to the frame of a building. Just like a skyscraper needs a strong frame to remain upright, the body needs a strong spine to stabilize and support it. Since the spine is foundational to overall mobility, any alignment abnormalities can adversely affect other body areas. 

When the spine’s natural curvature is compromised, it increases both wear and tear and the risk of injury. Athletes with spine alignment issues may experience: 

  1. Reduced Performance
  2. Increased Injury Risk
  3. Chronic Pain
  4. Decreased Endurance
  5. Imbalanced Muscle Development 
  6. Reduced Reaction Time
  7. Respiratory Issues
  8. Emotional and Psychological Impact 

For athletes, maintaining proper spinal alignment is crucial for their performance and long-term physical well-being. Unfortunately, sports medicine practitioners can overlook the importance of spinal alignment. 

Thankfully, advanced chiropractors who utilize treatments designed to correct spinal alignment can provide immediate pain relief and long-term health improvements, all without surgery.

PostureWorks Provides Advanced Chiropractic Care for Athlete’s 

Here at PostureWorks, we know just how important your health and performance are. You want to perform at the highest possible level for as long as possible. With cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment strategies like CBP as the foundation of our approach to chiropractic care, we accurately asses your spinal and overall musculoskeletal health and create comprehensive treatment plans.

An advanced chiropractor and sports medicine will provide immediate pain relief, enhance your performance, reduce the frequency of injuries, and mitigate physical wear and tear, allowing you to enjoy your passion for longer.

Contact PostureWorks today in Lakewood or San Francisco for more information on chiropractors and sports medicine.

Chiropractic BioPhysics®, or CBP, is a deeply researched and results-oriented corrective care technique. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health and optimal function. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is conservative, painless, and non-invasive.

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