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The chiropractic adjustment restores motion to fixated/irritated joints allowing pain and inflammation to subside enabling optimal nerve function and full expression of health and vitality.

The power of the chiropractic adjustment is extremely far reaching in its health benefits, due to its direct relationship to the nervous system.

Study after study have proven chiropractic adjustments to be at least as effective as medical/pharmaceutical interventions in addressing back pain, while far exceeding their ability to restore range of motion and function.

Chiropractic accomplishes this while improving nervous communication between the brain and organs resulting in improved systemic health.

Pain medications ignore the root cause of pain to begin with and then tax the liver and kidneys while eroding the lining of the digestive system.

There are many chiropractic adjusting techniques, all of which are valid, which range from high speed manipulations, to gentle guided motions, to low force precision instrument adjusting.

Many chiropractors find one particular adjusting technique which they personally prefer and tend to offer only that preference to their patients.

The doctors at PostureWorks recognize that your care is not about them or their preference.

Your care is about your health, your comfort and your preference. At PostureWorks the doctors and staff always put your needs first.

This is why they have mastered a wide variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques in order to gently provide you with the adjustment best suited to YOUR body type, YOUR condition and YOUR preference to quickly get YOU back to doing the things you love.

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