Spinal Decompression

PostureWorks San Francisco

Our advanced technology utilizes a computerized traction force which gently separates spinal segments and takes pressure off of bulging or herniated spinal discs.

Our non-surgical spinal disc decompression is nothing short of cutting edge. We have custom made equipment that no other office in the area has. The Disc Decompression Therapy is extremely comfortable. Actually it’s so relaxing many patients fall asleep during treatments. It’s also amazingly effective.

How does Spinal Decompression Therapy work?

Spinal Decompression Therapy works by gently stretching the spine. It changes the pressure and position of the spine.

From there, the pressure on the spinal discs decreases. As a result, the disc bulges or hernias are returned to their original positions.

Nerves and other structures of the spine are relieved. This helps water, oxygen, and nutrients move quickly into the discs so they can heal themselves

Patients who had suffered from disc problems for years prior to this therapy at PostureWorks report life changing improvements in the way they feel, and our digital analysis of pre and post treatment x-rays document rejuvenation of spinal discs that was previously thought to be unattainable. At PostureWorks it happens each and every day.

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