Dr. Brian Lenahan

Resident Chiropractor
San Francisco, CA


Dr. Lenahan graduated from Brookdale Community College in 2015 with an associate degree in mathematics. He continued on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Vermont in 2018 with a minor in mathematics and a second minor in chemistry. After college, Dr. Lenahan recognized that while he loved science, he wanted to use his knowledge to help and heal people. He began a job as a scribe in the emergency department at Monmouth Medical Center to learn more about healthcare. While working as a scribe, Dr. Lenahan loved the patient interaction and realized he could help them reach their health goals and needs best as a chiropractor. In the fall of 2019, he enrolled in Life Chiropractic College West and earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Summa Cum Laude in September 2022.


Dr. Lenahan’s journey with chiropractic began when he was just six months old. As a chronic sufferer of ear infections, Brian’s parents brought him to see their family chiropractor, after which Brian never again suffered from ear infections. Dr. Lenahan continued to received chiropractic care throughout his childhood and eventually began working in high school as a chiropractic assistant in his uncle’s office, where he was first introduced to Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). Dr. Lenahan’s path temporarily diverged from chiropractic after that, but he never stopped learning.

At Life West, Dr. Lenahan studied many techniques before deciding to specialize in CBP. During his final year, Dr. Lenahan began his preceptorship at PostureWorks and upon graduation, transitioned to a full-time resident physician. Dr. Lenahan appreciates the analytic nature of CBP while allowing for individualized patient care. CBP also has the largest amount of active chiropractic research, allowing Dr. Lenahan to be confident in the care he provides.

Outside of work, Dr. Lenahan enjoys hiking and cooking with his fiancé. He appreciates a great cup of specialty coffee, following the New Jersey Devils hockey, and watching endurance racing. Dr. Lenahan is excited to be a part of the PostureWorks team and provide high quality, evidence-based, holistic healthcare to the Bay Area.

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