Dr. Corey Todhunter

Co-Clinical Director
San Francisco, CA


First attending Colorado Mesa University after having earned an academic scholarship to play baseball, Dr. Todhunter then pursued an education in chiropractic at Parker University.


Dr. Todhunter’s passion for chiropractic care stems from personal experience. At 17, he suffered a compression fracture injury to his spine while weight training for baseball. The resulting spasms and pain left him bedridden for three weeks, forcing him to sit out of sports during his junior year of high school.

Seeking relief, Dr. Todhunter explored various methods but found limited progress. Eventually, he turned to traditional chiropractic care, which provided him with much-needed relief and enhanced the effectiveness of his physical therapy. This experience motivated him to continue his baseball career, earning a scholarship to play at Colorado Mesa University, where he contributed to the team’s first Division II College World Series appearance in 2009.

Throughout his baseball career, Dr. Todhunter relied on regular chiropractic care and strength training, although his pain persisted. To gain a deeper understanding of his condition, he pursued a career in chiropractic at Parker University. There, he discovered Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) research and techniques, finally addressing his chronic spinal problem. Undergoing his own CBP protocol, he successfully corrected his spine and earned an Advanced Certificate in Chiropractic BioPhysics.

Since 2014, Dr. Todhunter has served as Co-Clinical Director at PostureWorks in San Francisco. He firmly believes everyone deserves the opportunity to improve or overcome complex musculoskeletal issues that limit their lives and happiness.

Dr. Todhunter is a trusted San Francisco healthcare community member driven by a commitment to lifelong learning and teaching. Experience his expertise and dedication by scheduling an appointment with PostureWorks today. 

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