Dr. Jon Warren was born and raised in Southern California, the oldest of two brothers. In his youth, he spent much of his time outdoors with friends, playing baseball, bike riding, and at the beach. This active lifestyle was very important in forming the foundation for his passions for health and wellness.

After high school, he attended Sonoma State University where his interests in health and the human body truly blossomed and he went on to earn his bachelor of science in kinesiology. As he was exploring career options near the end of his time at SSU, he discovered chiropractic and was quickly drawn towards it.

Graduate school was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of Jon’s life. Halfway through the curriculum upon reaching the clinic and beginning to treat patients was when the gravity of this type of care really sunk in. Making connections with his patients and watching their improvements while under his care really helped him keep his focus on the big picture while enduring the rigors of graduate school.

During Jon’s last year at LifeWest, he took a class in Chiropractic Biophysics where he was exposed to a more analytical approach to patient care. As this specialization was fully backed by research and very consistently afforded patients long term benefits, it lit a fire within him and gave him the ultimate goal of working in a CBP office so that he could help as many people as possible achieve long term health goals.

Shortly after that, before graduation in the fall of 2018, Dr Warren was offered a position as a resident doctor at PostureWorks in San Francisco and he did not hesitate at the chance to join the team that he is still apart of today