Dr. Scott Levin

Co-founder and Clinical Director
San Francisco, CA


Dr. Levin’s educational journey began at Brandeis University, where he pursued a pre-med track while earning his bachelor’s degree in classical archeology and ancient history. His passion for preventive and wellness-focused healthcare led him to obtain his doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With a background in musculoskeletal care as a licensed massage therapist, Dr. Levin excelled in his chiropractic studies, graduating as Valedictorian with Summa Cum Laude honors. His clinical excellence was acknowledged during his internship and residence at the LCCW Health Center, where he mentored fellow interns and received the 2007 Clinical Excellence Award.


In private practice, Dr. Levin collaborated with Dr. Jason Miller to explore chiropractic’s effectiveness in treating chronic disability, promoting recovery, and reducing pain. Their research focused on the impact of pain and disability on productivity in the American workforce, leading to the publication of Chiropractic Health Promotions, a prospectus highlighting the benefits of chiropractic care in reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Dr. Levin’s expertise extends to his co-clinical director role at PostureWorks, where he specializes in evidence-based Chiropractic BioPhysics®, and NutraWorks, where he addresses metabolic syndrome and other related conditions through weight loss and nutritional counseling. His dedication to teaching others about prevention and wellness is evident in his involvement in an outreach program educating parents and children in the San Francisco school systems about spinal health and musculoskeletal development.

Dr. Levin is a trusted San Francisco healthcare community member driven by a commitment to lifelong learning and teaching. Experience his expertise and dedication by scheduling an appointment with PostureWorks today. 

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