Dr. Corey Todhunter fell in love with chiropractic care after he suffered a compression fracture injury to his spine when he was 17 while weight training for baseball. He hardly left his bed for 3 weeks because of the spasms and pain. He sat out of all sports his junior year of highschool.

He tried many things to relieve his severe pain but didn’t have much progress. He begged his parents to try traditional chiropractic to see if it could allow him to start training for his senior year of baseball. Chiropractic care finally gave him more relief and allowed physical therapy to be more effective.

He continued his baseball career and received a scholarship to play at Colorado Mesa University. He played with the team that gave the school their first Division II College World Series appearance in 2009.

During this time, regular chiropractic care and strength training helped him through his baseball career, but unfortunately his pain condition always came back.

In order to understand more about his condition, Dr. Todhunter began pursuing Chiropractic as a career at Parker University. This is where he found Chiropractic Biophysics research and the technique, which could finally tackle his chronic spinal problem. He underwent his own CBP protocol to fix his spine and has since gone on to receive his Advanced Certificate in Chiropractic BioPhysics.

He now resides as Co-Clinical Director @postureworksSF since 2014.

He believes everyone deserves the opportunity to improve or resolve even the most complicated musculo-skeletal issues that cause limitations in people’s lives and happiness.